Those last few reps count!

Do you stop when it hurts, then wonder why you’re not seeing any results ? Those last few reps count, let me explain why.

The truth : How to Burn abdominal fat

Lets face facts: I’ve said a hundred times and i’ll say it again, those crunches and as-seen-on-TV devices won’t give you a flat stomach, never mind a six-pack. To rid yourself of that excess belly fat that covers your abs, you’re going to have to trust me with what i’m about to tell you. Exercise,…

Bums, tums & boobies

This blog, provides a FREE and SIMPLE way of getting a firm bum, lifted breasts and flat stomach, leaving you with the perfect beach body of your dreams.

Gain muscle + lose fat!

Want that beach body without that beer belly? Is it possible to gain lean muscle mass without gaining too much excess fat? Find out the answers by clicking here. I say it’s possible!